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Why Choose Adelaide Warehouse and Logistics

Why Choose Us?

Quality, Valuable, Professional Service

AWAL specialises in premium quality logistics warehousing solutions, product assembly and distribution.

Our world class 3PL warehousing system is built on almost 10 years of experience, during which we have developed expert industry knowledge industryand a strong understanding of customer requirements.

We pride ourselves on our innovative warehouse management systems,enabling us to customise your order to your specifications.

Key Benefits of Choosing AWAL

We specialises in project-based solutions tailored around your specific requirements, from delivery times to freight sizes.

AWAL is located close to port, rail and airport facilities, with easy access to major routes leading across the country.

In offering not only warehouse management systems but also product assembly, a wide range of vehicles and extensive storage options, we can provide more flexible and cost-effective solutions.

Value, Flexibility, Efficiency & Accuracy

Our logistics and warehousing services are:

  • Reliable and timely
  • Cost-effective
  • Provided from the finest Facilities
  • Accompanied by personalised customer service
  • Delivered by a fully trained and experienced team
  • Guaranteed to provide same day delivery *See Conditions
  • Supported by an integrated and dynamic warehousing system
  • Security-monitored
  • Implemented with pest control procedures
  • Backed by world-class warehouse management systems

Save Money, Time & Resources

By choosing our 3PL warehousing system services and market leading logistics warehousing solutions, businesses receive the following benefits:

  • Save time and resources with our proactive approach
  • No need for capital investment
  • No need to maintain equipment and facilities
  • No maintenance costs to your business
  • Reduced or no labour required
  • Tax effective

Guaranteed Same Day Delivery

AWAL is proud to offer 'Guaranteed Same Day Delivery' on all orders received before 1pm each business day (Monday to Friday). *Conditions Apply: depends on extent of requirements.

Organise a Quote

For more information on Warehousing and Distribution/Storage and Distribution, 3PL Logistics, Contract Assembly, Logistics Distribution, Warehousing Solutions, Logistics Solutions, Container Services or other related services, please call AWAL ON: 08 8240 1725 or Submit an online form.