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3pl Warehousing and Logistics Solutions

Storage Solutions to Suit Your Requirements

Adelaide Warehouse and Logistics specialise in the end-to-end management of 3PL logistics and warehousing solutions, offering a complete range of supporting services in logistics industries and distribution. Partnering with AWAL is aligning your business with a company offering high quality 3PL warehousing services


  • Computerised inventory control
  • Fully trained staff
  • Flexible contract storage
  • Modern storage facilities
  • Cost effective distribution
  • Monitored high-end security
  • Detailed computerised product activity reports
  • Implemented pest control procedures


In today's environment where space and capital expenditure is of a premium, AWAL offers businesses the following benefits from utilising their 3PL logistics and warehousing services:

  1. Save time and resources
  2. No need for capital investment
  3. Taking care of all equipment and facilities
  4. No maintenance costs to your business
  5. Reduced or No labour required
  6. Tax effective


Clients choose Adelaide Warehousing and Logistics for their philosophy of consistent quality and reliable service. Boasting well maintained facilities, AWAL utilise their resources to achieve the best possible 3PL logistics and warehousing services for all clients.

  • Over 8500 square metres of space
  • Hard stand areas for container loading and unloading
  • Multiple storage solutions ( rack, bulk or custom stillages)

Benefits of location

Accessibility, Proximity, Space

  • Close to port, rail and airport facilities
  • Easy access to all major routes north, south and east of Adelaide
  • B-double access (double semi trailers)


Please contact AWAL to organise a quote for your specific requirements taking into consideration:

  1. No. of pallets and size
  2. Metropolitan, Country or interstate delivery
  3. Specific delivery requirements e.g. container services, interstate transport
  4. Time considerations
  5. Full pallets or pick and pack

For more information on Warehousing and Distribution/Storage and Distribution, 3PL Logistics, Product Assembly, Contract Assembly, Warehousing Solutions, Logistics Solutions or other related services, please call AWAL ON: 08 8240 1725 or Submit an online form.